Cricket RX-5

The Cricket RX-5 is a collapsible electric mini golf cart is perfect for campers and RV enthusiasts that want to take a golf cart along for the ride, but don't have the room for a regular sized one. The RX-5 is basically the same as our popular SX-3 but adds updated styling, front suspension for better handling and ride, and a column mounted turn signals switch.

The RX5 is also 2" taller than the SX-3 when folded up because of the added suspension. You can take your Cricket with you in practically any SUV, pickup, motor home, van, or crossover. And, with the optional carriers and towing accessories, getting your Cricket where you want to go is a breeze! Pictures may show optional equipment.

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RX-5 Specifications


  • Transmission
  • Direct drive through 16:1 reduction gearbox

  • Drive System
  • Single 36-volt magnet DC 800 watt motor


  • Battery
  • Three heavy duty sealed 12-volt 35-amp/hour, in series

  • Battery Warranty
  • DON"T LET OTHERS FOOL YOU! You will only receive a EXCLUSIVE 3 YEAR CART / 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY if you buy direct from Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc. in Daytona Beach, FL. No one else can offer this exclusive warranty!



  • Charge Time
  • On board marine grade charger; fully automatic; 2 YEAR manufacturer warranty


  • Length
  • 58" (ready for transport)

  • Width
  • 32"

  • Height
  • 30" (when folded down)

  • Weight
  • 420 lbs


  • Brakes
  • Single regenerative electromagnetic braking

  • Tires
  • 13" x 6.5 x 6" tubeless

  • Load Capacity
  • 600 lbs

  • Maximum Riding Grade Level
  • 10%

  • Suspension
  • Full suspension front and rear shocks - rack and pinion steering

  • Seating
  • Seats 4, front and rear bench

  • Speed
  • 8 - 10 mph in consideration for terrain


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  • DON"T LET OTHERS FOOL YOU! You will only receive a EXCLUSIVE 3 YEAR CART / 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY if you buy direct from Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc. in Daytona Beach, FL.
    No one else can offer this exclusive warranty!

    "We got you covered throughout your travels!"



  • Extended Warranties Available
  • Zero Deductible, Transferable, Nationwide Coverage, Hassle-Free Claims.



  • Color Options
  • colors-cricket-mini-carts


    Classic White, Candy Apple Red, Sterling Silver, Daytona Red, Classic Black, Sunflower Yellow, Viper Blue & Lime Green

  • Color Slideshow
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  • Options
  • Bimini Top, Full Resort Top with windshield, 5 Star Ramps, 5 Star Hitch Carrier

  • Custom Cricket Mini Golf Cart RX-5 Options - Click here
  • Extended Battery Packs, Upgraded Chargers (Mobile Capabilities), Custom Loading Racks, Custom Wheels, Oversized Tires, Vinyl & Paint Graphics

Owners Manual

  • Cricket RX5 Owners Manual
  • Cricket_Mini_Golf_cart_RX5_ManualClick Here to download the owners manual for the Cricket RX5

  • Cricket RX5 OnBoard Charger/Charging Manual
  • Click Here to download the charger manual for the Cricket RX5.

  • Cricket RX5 Resort Top Installation
  • Click Here to download the installation instructions for the Cricket RX5 resort top.

  • Cricket RX5 Cart Remote Control Video
  • Click Here to view the YouTube Video.

Installation Videos

  • Cricket RX5 Front Shroud Removal Video

RX5 Accessories

Cricket RX5 Replacement Parts

  • Complete list of RX-5 Parts Online
  • Click Here to view our parts list for the Cricket RX5.


Looking to upgrade your Cricket Grasshopper, Locust, RX-5, SX-3 or ESV or modify the existing equipment..check out your options! Click logo below.


We deliver Cricket carts nationwide!


    DON"T LET OTHERS FOOL YOU! You will only receive a EXCLUSIVE 3 YEAR CART / 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY if you buy direct from Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc. in Daytona Beach, FL.

    Which model are you interested in?
    RX5=$5699RX5 GRASSHOPPER=$7699
    Choose a color below for your new Cricket?
    Classic WhiteSterling SilverViper BlueCandy Apple RedDaytona RedSunflower YellowClassic BlackSonic GreenCustom Single Color Paint=$799
    Choose a seat color below for your new Cricket?
    White Stitched Seats=$189Black Stitched Seats=$189Standard Two-Tone Seats=$599Custom Color(s)= starting at $799
    Choose a wheel color below for your new Cricket?
    Black Alloy Rims(Standard)Blue Painted=$199Red Painted=$199
    Choose a tire below for your new Cricket?
    Standard Tire(ESV,SX3,RX5)Oversized Tires=$399(ESV,SX3,RX5)
    Choose a steering wheel color below for your new Cricket?
    Classic Black=FREEGraphite=$139Classic White=$139Sterling Silver=$139Viper Blue=$139Candy Apple Red=$139Daytona Red=$139Sunflower Yellow=$139Sonic Green=$139Orange=$139Green=$139Teal=$139Sky=$139Orange=$139Navy Blue=$139Purple=$139Burgundy=$139Pink=$139Bronze=$139Chrome=$139Wood=$139Custom Single Color Paint=$199
    Choose a TOP for your new Cricket?
    No TopBimini Top (White)=$399Bimini Top (Black)=$399Bimini Top (Custom)Resort Top w/Windshield (White)=$599Resort Top w/Windshield (Black)=$599Resort Top w/Windshield (Custom)Extended Sunbrella Full Top=$1249
    Additional Cricket Options & Accessories
    5 Star Ramps=$3999 foot Heavy Duty Ramps=$5495 Star Hauler Hitch=$729Tinted Windshield=$89Rearview Mirror=$49Side Mirrors=$692 Seat Belts=$994 Seat Belts=$159Seat Hand Rails=$59Standard Cover=$149Full Cover=$169Zippered Rain Enclosure=$399Rear Brake Light=$89Cushioned Armrest=$1992 inch Receiver Tow Hitch=$199Extended Batteries (SX3/RX5)=$3992 Speaker Bluetooth Radio=$699(*Resort Top Required)4 Speaker Bluetooth Radio=$949(*Resort Top Required)26inch Hardwired Bluetooth Soundbar=$499(*Bimini or Resort Top Required)26inch Removable Bluetooth Battery Soundbar=$599(*Bimini or Resort Top Required)6 LED Kit=$12912 LED Kit=$199Remote Control Loading=$250Upgraded Bluetooth Charger=$699Quick Release Resort Top Mounts=$89Quick Release Steering Wheel=$129
    Would you like your Cricket Accessories(above) professionally installed?(One hour min:$99/hr)
    Interested in CustomWorX upgraded product(s)?
    All Crickets come standard with our EXCLUSIVE 3 YEAR CART / 2 YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY from Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc.-"We got your cart covered!"


    Interested in our Cricket Cart Packages? All package deals include base model, seats, hand rails, rims, top, rearview mirror and optional ramps.

    We crate & ship Crickets to all 50 states.

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