Cricket Golf Cart Facts

What is a cricket golf cart?

A Cricket golf cart is a mini collapsible electric golf cart that can fit in most RV's, fifth wheel basements and horse trailers.

How much does a cricket golf cart weigh?

The Cricket golf cart ESV & SX-3 models weigh 303 lbs. The RX5 Cricket golf cart weighs an additional 330lbs.

How fast does a cricket golf cart go?

A Cricket golf cart can go approximately 10 to 13 mph depending on model and tires.

How many people can a cricket golf cart hold?

On the ESV model it comes stock with a 2 person seat. However, you can add an additional rear seat for 2 more people.
The SX-3 model & RX-5 model both come standard with a 4 person seating configuration.

What is the carry capacity of a cricket golf cart?

All cricket golf carts can hold up to 600lbs.

How far can a cricket golf cart go on fully charged batteries?

25-30 miles depending on terrain and inclines.

How long does it take to fully charge the cricket golf cart batteries?

6-8 hours of charging is required

What vehicles can a cricket golf cart fit in

The smallest vehicle we have seen a cricket golf cart fit in is a Honda CRV. Cricket golf carts can also fit in most small to full size SUV's or truck beds. We also carry hitch carriers for owners that would like to carry it behind their vehicles

Will a Cricket golf cart fit in a short bed truck?

All Cricket models are 58 inches long in transport.

Can I upgrade my tires?

Yes, you can absolutely upgrade your tires. We have street tires, all terrain tires and beach tires.

Can I upgrade my batteries to achieve a longer run time?

Yes. You can upgrade your batteries to a better quality brand and gain additional run time. We also carry additional battery packs that can placed in the cargo area of the cart.

Can I upgrade my charger?

Yes, we have customized several cricket golf carts to achieve a more balanced charge and mobile display capabilities.

Can I tow with my Cricket?

Yes, you can tow light weight carts behind your Cricket. However, it does add additional drag to the Cricket and will drain the batteries quicker.

Where can I find a Cricket RX-5, SX-3 or ESV owners manual?

Go to the Cricket model you're looking for RX5, SX3, ESV and the owners manual download link will be listed below all the golf cart specifications.

What is the standard warranty for a Cricket?

Most Cricket dealers only offer a 6 month manufacturer warranty and no battery warranty. Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc. offers an exclusive 1 year standard bumper to bumper warranty to all our owners. Our one year warranty includes the battery.


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