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Grasshopper Model

The Faster, Lifted Daytona Grasshopper*™

(*This model is a custom version of the RX5 built here in Daytona Beach ONLY! This not just a bolt-on upgrade and cannot be bought separately.
It is a complete rebuild of frame, HP motor, electronics, transaxle,custom 4 bolt hubs and adapters.)

This model cannot be purchased anywhere else!

Want a faster and bigger RX5 Cricket mini golf cart. The Grasshopper™ is based off the Cricket RX5 platform. This model is great for offroad campgrounds, horse events, boat docks and exploring the outdoors on a rough terrain. Custom patented 4 bolt aluminum hubs, patented aluminum spacers, 10" wheels w/ 18" tires, patented motor modifications and upgraded electronics. You will NOT find this model at any other dealer. The larger footprint of the Grasshopper™ is increased in width, height and length and allows this Cricket to climb over more obstacles. The speed control is increased to gain about 15-17 mph depending on load and grade. Maximum Riding Grade Level 10%. The rear cargo rack can accommodate additional off road supplies; coolers, camp chairs, our 2 extra passengers. Not to be operated by drivers under 16 years of age. The Grasshopper model is still collapsible. The total height is now 35", Width is 38", Length is 74" (extended),60" (collapsed). The biggest gain is the overall height on the frame. The weight of the Grasshopper™ is 480lbs. Over 12" from frame to ground, floorboard is now 11" from the ground, motor is 6" from the ground. Starting at $7899 - Call us today! All CRICKETS have a standard EXCLUSIVE 5 YEAR BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY when you buy your cricket cart direct from us in Daytona Beach, FL. We now offer a lithium battery edition of the Cricket Grasshopper model for longer travel and long term storage

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Battery Upgrade


  • Color Options
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    Your cart & batteries must be registered within 90 days of purchase to activate 5 YR bumper to bumper warranty.
    Click here to register your cart warranty


    Looking to upgrade your Cricket Grasshopper™, Locust™, RX-5, SX-3 or ESV or modify the existing equipment..check out your options! Click logo below.



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    • Grasshopper Model Owners Manual
    • Click Here to download the owners manual for the Cricket RX5 Grasshopper Model

    • Grasshopper Battery Wiring
    • Click Here to download the battery instructions for the Cricket Grasshopper.

    • Cricket Grasshopper Wiring Diagram
    • Click Here to download the wiring diagram for the Grasshopper.

    • Click Here to view our YouTube Channel.Check out our YouTube channel for service and repair videos.
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    We deliver Cricket carts nationwide!

    (*This model is a custom version of the RX5 built here in Daytona Beach ONLY! This not just a bolt-on upgrade and cannot be bought separately.
    It is a complete rebuild of frame, HP motor, electronics, transaxle,custom 4 bolt hubs and adapters.)

    This model cannot be purchased anywhere else!

    Grasshopper BUILD REQUEST

      Please choose your selections below on how you would like for us to build your Grasshopper Cart.

      DON"T LET OTHERS MINI CARTS FOOL YOU! You will only receive a EXCLUSIVE 5 YEAR BUMPER TO BUMPER CART|BATTERY WARRANTY if you buy from Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc.

      Which model are you interested in?
      RX5 Grasshopper(RETAIL $7899)=$7499 SALE
      Choose a color below for your new Grasshopper?
      Viper BlueCandy Apple RedBlackDaytona RedSilverSunflower YellowSonic GreenSky BlueWhiteOrangePurpleCustom Single Color Paint=$899
      Choose a seat color below for your new Grasshopper?
      White Stitched Seats=FREEBlack Stitched Seats=FREECustom Seats(s)= starting at $899
      Choose a wheel style below for your new Grasshopper?(#4-#12 come standard no addt'l charge)
      #1-Vegas Blue=DISCONTINUED#2-Vegas Red=DISCONTINUED#3-Vegas Gunmetal=DISCONTINUED#4-Medusa#5-Spectre#6-Vampire#7-Tempest#8-Godfather-Grey#9-Stormtrooper#10-Spectre-Black#11-Godfather-Black#12-Stormtrooper-BlackCustom Powdercoated Color=$899
      Choose a tire below for your new Grasshopper?
      Street(Grasshopper/Locust Only)Offroad(Grasshopper/Locust Only)
      Choose a steering wheel color below for your new Grasshopper?
      Classic Black=FREEGraphite=$169Classic White=$169Sterling Silver=$169Viper Blue=$169Candy Apple Red=$169Daytona Red=$169Sunflower Yellow=$169Sonic Green=$169Orange=$169Green=$169Teal=$169Sky=$169Orange=$169Navy Blue=$169Purple=$169Burgundy=$169Pink=$169Bronze=$169Chrome=$169Wood=$169
      Choose a TOP for your new Cricket?
      No TopBimini Top (White)=$499Bimini Top (Black)=$499Resort Top w/Windshield (White)=$699Resort Top w/Windshield (Black)=$699Resort Top Sunbrella Material=$899Extended Sunbrella Full Top(covers backseat)=$1299
      Additional Grasshopper Options & Accessories
      9 foot Heavy Duty Ramps=$599HD Grasshopper/Locust Hauler=$999Tinted Windshield=$89Rearview Mirror=$49Side Mirrors=$892 Seat Belts=$1494 Seat Belts=$199Seat Hand Rails=FREEFull Cover=$169Zippered Rain Enclosure=$449Sunbrella Rain Enclosure (Full)=$799Sunbrella Rain Enclosure (Extended)=$1199Rear Brake Light=$897inch Round Fog Lights(Bumper Req)=$1494inch Square Fog Lights(Bumper Req)=$149Extended Footpegs=$89Front Bumper=$249Cushioned Armrest=$1992 inch Receiver Tow Hitch=$199Extended Batteries=$39926inch Battery Bluetooth Soundbar=$599(Resort Top Required)6 LED Kit=$14912 LED Kit=$249Remote Control Loading=$299Quick Release Resort Top Mounts=$99Quick Release Steering Wheel=$139Front Storage Rack=$399Sliding Stabilizer Bars=$499Static Stabilizer Bars=$349
      Battery Option
      Standard AGMLithium EcoBattery Battery Option (8YR warranty)=$2499
      Would you like your Grasshopper Accessories(above) professionally installed?(One hour min:$99/hr)


      All Crickets built & assembled from the Daytona Beach,FL come standard with our EXCLUSIVE 5 YEAR BUMPER TO BUMPER CART|BATTERY WARRANTY from Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc.-"We got your cart covered!" NO other mini cart distributor or mini cart dealer offers this warranty.


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