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Cricket Upgrades

We carry all types of upgrades for Cricket mini cart models SX-3, RX-5, ESV . From base model Cricket golf carts to fully loaded custom Cricket mini golf cart accessories and add-ons. You will have your own options that you can add to make your Cricket unique and stand out from the rest of the RV Cricket Mini Golf Cart Owners. We can customize any Cricket mini golf cart from scratch! Need a roof, stereo system, larger tires, custom seats, or additional long range batteries to take your cricket mini golf cart to the next level.

Customizing your Cricket mini golf cart can be fun and exciting. We have partnered with over 15 cart suppliers throughout the U.S.- to provide only the best parts and unique parts for all Cricket mini golf cart models. The following models can be modified or customized for your next adventure, neighborhood cruise or just strolling the RV Park.

The biggest decision is what cart do I start with: Cricket RX5, Cricket SX3, Cricket ESV, Grasshopper,or Locust model.; all the cricket mini golf carts have their advantages of being customized to your liking! We can also just help with repairs or replacement parts on cricket golf cart. Lets get this golf cart party started!

All our unique parts and accessories are made here in the U.S at our shop in Daytona Beach, FL. We produce many parts on a Haas VF-3 SS milling machine. Watch Video

You cannot find or purchase these custom parts at any dealership!



Cricket Mini Golf Cart Custom Work

Talk to us about your upgrade questions, there are too many options to settle for just the basic golf cart. We can customize or upgrade almost everything on your Cricket golf cart.
The sky is the limit! If you don't see something you are specifically looking for, give us a call or e-mail us and we'll go out and find it for you, put it up on the website at a great price and give you a call back when it is available for purchase. It's that easy!!!




Looking to get better run times or farther trips on your Cricket. We offer several battery solutions for the ESV, SX3 & RX5. We also offer a second battery pack securely placed in the rear rack or foot rack of your Cricket- this option does require a Pro Charger. We offer higher amperage AGM batteries, lithium batteries or stock replacement batteries.

Starting at $499

Call for installation cost




To make your batteries last even longer, consider using a Pro onboard charger featuring Bluetooth wireless communication for your Cricket. This sophisticated, dependable charging system is completely automated. Unlike most units, it precisely delivers the maximum charge every time. It also has features as balance charging, progressive charging. This increases golf cart battery life by at least one-fifth. You won’t have to charge or replace the batteries as often.


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These Cricket heavy duty extended curved loading ramps are specifically designed for loading and riding the Cricket into your pick-up truck or trailer. Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum, these ramps are easy to set up and feature serrated rungs for superior traction in all weather conditions. These ramps come with two safety straps and have a full-width plate-style attaching lip to secure the ramps to your loading surface. Ramps can be folded in half for convenient transportation and storage. Each ramp is 8' long x 11.50" wide. Loading capacity is 600lbs/per ramp.

Starting at $599





Looking for a custom wheel or just looking to increase your wheel size. We have several options on wheel sizes, spacers & adapters. Depending on how you use your Cricket, Cricket Custom Worx has a selection that will make it easy to find the right set of tires and wheels for all Cricket models. (Requires Grasshopper conversion)

Starting at $899

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A tire is not just a tire anymore. If you looking for a better look, more aggressive tread a classic whitewall. We have various sizes and designs to meet your needs. (*this is not the Grasshopper conversion just a larger fit tire for a stock cart)

Starting at $399

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Our expertise doesn’t just stop at pinstripes or racing stripes -- it’s time to make a bold statement with a custom wrap. Our team has done custom wraps from just the hood to bigger projects like the whole golf carts, boats and other watercrafts. Full vehicle graphics can be created from any design; no idea is too small or too big. Work with our team to design custom graphics and make your idea come to life.

Starting at $299

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Make you Cricket unique! Solid colors start at $899! Created by custom airbrushing, We use a local professional who is known for their meticulous work. Airbrush can extensively used to decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards, to automotive trim. Contact us to discuss how to personalize your next golf cart!

Starting at $899

Custom airbrushing starts at $2200




Cruisin' with tunes always makes for a better ride on your Cricket cart. We carry complete stereo consoles for the Cricket along with plenty of other accessories that can match your ride. We have the radio parts you need to customize and enhance your riding experience. Riding around the neighborhood or beach, and the ability to turn on a radio or wireless connect to your Cricket can be an added simple pleasure to your ride. 26" Bluetooth Soundbar with LED lights. (Resort Top required)


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Instruction manual for Bluetooth Stereo and Soundbars




We offer a number of LED light kits that will work for any model of Cricket golf cart. These kits are easy to install and will make your golf cart stand out while cruising the neighborhood, the campground, rodeo or the next race weekend. Choose from our Single and Multi Color kits. We offer 3 different placements of lights; under carriage, interior and canopy light kits made specifically for golf carts. We also carry 24V & 36V to 12V converters, if needed. Cricket LED Remote Instructions

6 LED Kit $149

12 LED Kit $249

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Cricket LED Remote Operation




Seat belts can be easily added to the front or rear seats. You will need to purchase seat belt installation brackets. The first accessory we bought for our golf cart was two rear seat seat belts. Our grandkids are always wearing seat belts when they ride on the paths. Seat belt kits come as sets for 2 or 4 passengers. If you are installing them be sure you purchase the seat belt kit that includes the bolts and mounting brackets if needed. We have several systems to choose from.

2 Seatbelts $139

4 Seatbelts $179

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Cricket golf carts can be upgraded with custom cushions allowing for the style, color and quality that will distinguish your cart from others. Not to mention that our custom seat cushions are manufactured to provide style and functionality. Whether you opt for luxury bucket seats or a matching color scheme, replacing your seat cushions has a great appearance of any Cricket. Looking for quilted seats, 2 tone colors or just something very original. We offer embroidery and custom stitching.
Download our custom seat configurations.

Starting at $899

Call for installation cost




Cruise in comfort and with a drink holder. Looking to stretch your legs out a bit! Like a highway peg. Custom foot pegs fold up to still stay within the width of the cart.

Starting at $69




When your custom Cricket loves the road less traveled, the only way to protect it from branches and other environmental elements that get in its path is to arm it with a brush guard or bumper. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, they are functional and are essential to to protect your headlights or body on your custom cart. Available in many sizes, styles and finishes, bumpers and brush guards are essential.

Starting at $249

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Looking for a better way to protect your Cricket golf cart. Our covers withstand mildew, mold, moisture, etc.

Starting at $249




A Cricket add-on hitch allows you to haul a light weight trailer in and around the campground, arena, fairgrounds or on racetrack. We have multiple hitches for carrying saddles, beach chairs & towels, coolers, tag-a-longs, rifles or equipment. If you have something you would like to put on the back of your Cricket, please call us and speak with our lead fabricator. We can design and build any project you may have.

Starting at $199

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Wireless Remote Control to help with loading and unloading of Cricket Carts. Watch video We have developed a wireless remote to help assist some of the Cricket users in loading and unloading their units. It takes about an hour to wire in, and they can be used on All new and older Crickets Carts. Download instructions here for the 24V ESV model, 36V SX3 or RX5 models. Cricket Remote Operation

Starting at $299

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These tires are capable of climbing dunes, mud, sand, and various other terrains. Watch video They conform to the surface they are ridden on. We have multiple sizes. These tires are not drive-able (requires custom CNC hub) They come standard with plastic free spun hubs. *Custom hubs not included.


Starting at $979*

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We can customize any Cricket for any type of functionality. Commercial or Personal use. Looking for a utility cart for warehouse work, looking to ride in the snow, beach or trails. We sit down with you and start at the drawing board. What will we ever come up with next? We never know, we have had many clients ask for multiple uses that we can't even fathom.


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