Arizona | Cricket Mini Golf Carts


Do you call Arizona home or your 2nd home? Well, so do our Cricket Golf Carts!

Camping | RV Resorts in Arizona

Bring your Cricket to your favorite Arizona state park, RV resort or campground. Explore & discover the best campgrounds, cabins, RV parks, in Arizona with your collapsible Cricket Mini Golf Cart. Driving your Cricket golf cart camping and to and from the pool, laundry room, bus stop or cruising the evening through the campground or rv resort changes the camping experience. The Cricket golf cart will fit in most "toad" vehicles (SUV's) or RV basements and toyhaulers. We also have hauler racks that fit in a standard 2" receiver hitch and hauls the Cricket behind your coach or camper.

Equestrian Arenas | Rodeos in Arizona

Ride your Cricket Mini Cart throughout many equestrian parks/arenas that Arizona has to offer. Drive your Cricket around the horse arena, to the horse stalls or just cruise the equestrian park with your horse. The Cricket golf cart will fit in most rear loading or side loading horse trailers. The Cricket is electric driven and built to run smooth, not to spook the horses. The Cricket will run on average 20-30 miles on a single charge, so traveling around some of the biggest horse properties in Alabama will be not a problem for our mini cart. Having your Cricket repaired or serviced also not a problem. Cricket Mini Golf Carts, Inc. has multiple repair locations within most Arizona cities.

Racing | Race Tracks in Arizona

Whether enjoying a race or an event at your local Arizona racetrack, our Cricket Mini Golf Cart can help with mobility or just ease of transportation to and from the race trailer to pit row. Cruising the race pits with tools, tires or race crew is no problem with the extended driving range of the Cricket. Cricket carts can handle a full load for 20-30 miles throughout most race tracks in Arizona.

Sporting Events / Recreation Areas in Arizona

Heading to a sporting event or recreation area in Arizona. Bring your Cricket Mini Cart so you can have easy electric mobility throughout the area. Our carts can handle 1-4 people and carry your cooler, players, chairs, or sporting equipment to your next event. If you need your sporting gear or to get a player across the field, you can easily make the trip from the car to the baseball, football, soccer or lacrosse fields in Arizona. Tailgating with a Cricket golf cart brings it to a whole new level.

Festivals & Events in Arizona

Heading to a music festival or art festival in Arizona. Bring your Cricket Golf Cart so you can navigate throughout the area with pedestrians. Our carts can handle 1-4 people and carry your cooler, supplies, chairs, or equipment to your next Alabama festival. If you need your supplies or tent across wide open field, you can easily make the trip from the parking lot throughout the event with plenty of power to get you back home. Cricket golf carts have 20-30 mile range on a single charge.