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Cricket LED Kit


*If manual on/off switch is used; splice into main power wire from transmitter

1. Packing List

This package includes the items listed below.
Please double check before installation.
If you find anything missing or any issues, contact CRICKET to get all necessary items ready to install.

1). 4 x 12.7” LED strips
2). 4 x 8.7” LED strips
3). 4 x 4.7” LED strips

4). 1 x 1-2way splitters (AWG22, for power supply)
5). 2 x 1-2way splitters (AWG24, for splitting 4 zones)
6). 4 x 1-3way splitters

7). 2 x RF remotes (key fob + panel remote)
8). 1 x Velcro sticker for remotes
9). 2 x ring terminals
10). 1 x double sided adhesive for control box
11). 1 x DC 12V control box
12). 1 x instructional booklet

It’s good to simulate installation first.
If you need additional parts, refer to the information included in this booklet. If you need custom parts, contact CRICKET to see whether it’s possible.
2. Specifications & Parameters

Material: Silicone
LED model: SMD RGB 5050
Input Voltage: DC 12V (Workable between 10-15V)
Wattage: Maximum 50 w
Service Life: 50,000 Hours
Control Method: RF remote, effective within 30 feet
Standard Wattage per LED: 0.2 w
Maximum current: This value is dynamic, depending on the colors, modes, and brightness that you’ve set.
Solid white color: 0.5 – 2.0 A
Other solid colors: 0.3 – 0.9 A
Flash, Strobe, Fade & Smooth: 1.0 – 2.0 A

Always use the kill switch to turn off the LED kit when you don’t ride your bike.
Especially for days and weeks.
This helps you prevent battery drain.
3. Waterproof

Generally speaking, this LED kit is water resistant.
You can install it on vehicles that go outdoors.
However, the water-resistant ability varies depending on a specific part, due to technical reasons.

LED strips: IP68, made from waterproof extruded silicone and they still work even if you dip them into water
Fast locking connectors: Water-resistant, better to use electrical grease to fill the pins if you ride in the rain frequently
Control box: Water-resistant, but the cover has gap to let sound waves in for its music mode. Hide it under your seat or in the side cover; keep it away from the rain and keep it dry when you wash your bike
Kill switch: Water resistant, so better to keep it dry and avoid liquids
RF remotes: NON-water-resistant, and keep them away from liquid water

4. Test before Installation

First of all, do a lighting test before installation to make sure everything is fine.

Find a power source with DC 12V (typically the battery of your bike has this voltage)
Connect the red wire to the positive and the black wire to the negative
LED strips will go on after you turn it on by pressing the push button on the kill switch for the 1st time
Keep the red wire, and black wire connected, use the blue wire to touch the positive
Check whether LED strips go red, and this is for the brake light feature
After you confirm everything works correctly, simulate installation to see whether the wires fit all your target spots
If you see a problem, contact CRICKET team

5. Conceptual Wiring Diagram

Primarily, the conceptual wiring diagram demonstrates the position and relation among different parts.

Conceptual Wiring Diagram CRICKET LED Strip Kit M12r
It helps you understand how to connect parts correctly.
Below is a list of components indicated with numbers on the wiring diagram.

① Control box with attached copper wires
② Kill switch with a push button
③ Signal wire for brake light feature
④ 1-2 way splitters x 3
⑤ 1-3 way splitters x 4
⑥ LED strips x 12, 3 sizes
⑦ Battery for power supply

You don’t have to install LED strips exactly the same as this layout.
Adjust the positions/connection of LED strips to fit your bike, if you have a different installation concept.
You can add additional items to this system too.
It’d be good to map your layout and check wires’ length before installation.
Make sure you have all the necessary items in your hand.
6. Flexibility with 4 X 1-3Way Splitters

Flexibility is important. You can decide whether to use all the wires and which spot to reach.
For this reason, we include 4 pieces of 1-3 splitters in the package, so you can freely decide where pigtail wires should spread in 4 directions.
7. Daisy-Chain LED Strips

For some cases, it’d be good to use LED strips of daisy-chain design, which means they have connectors on both ends.
With LED strips of this design, you will be able to link 2 or even more together.
Or you can extend the strips to a longer distance from a daisy-strip, rather than from the control box, which can save wires.

If this design sounds like something for you, please check this package on Amazon.
It comes with 4 daisy-chain LED strips:

2 x 8.7 inches
2 x 12.7 inches

Put 2 x 12.7” LED strips under the tank and extend to the front wheel from there

Run the wires under the tank for a cleaner look
It should save you time too because you wouldn’t need to take the tank off
Meanwhile, use 2 x 8.7” double-sided strips to on the frame of your bike
That would be a good setup for the back end of your bike

8. Adding LED Strips – Pack of 6

It’s a common practice to add more LED strips to your system, which increases the overall brightness.
If you buy 2 LED kits and install them for only 1 bike, consider to set them up in this way:

Install with 2 control boxes – one for the back end, and the other for the front end of your bike
Hook up the blue wire for the back end only, then LED strips on the back end will go red when you brake, while the ones for the front end will remain unchanged
To make it easy for control, sync a remote to a 2nd control box – in this way, you can use 1 remote to control 2 LED kits

9. Long LED Strips – 36 Inches

For some vehicles, especially larger ones like trikes and trailers, it’s good to use some longer LED strips for their underbodies.
They give off more even light and simply wiring for the same installed length. This is also a good setup for golf carts.
10. Shortening LED Strips

Besides adding more LED strips, you can also cut them short to fit narrow spots, using your scissors or cutter.
There are 4 copper points between every 3 LEDs, and there is a line in the middle.
Cut a strip on that line and this won’t damage the strip and won’t cause malfunction either.
Take the cap and use silicone glue to cover the strip again for waterproof purpose
Don’t cut among the 3 LEDs; otherwise, those 3 LEDs – as a module – won’t work anymore
Remember to take the cap to seal the end you cut
11. Extension Wires – 2 Feet

Bikes have different sizes and it’s flexible to install LED strips.
Meanwhile, it’s impossible to design wires to fit all bikes.
It’d be good to have some extension pigtail wires to for your install.

If you need custom extension wires, contact CRICKET and tell us how long the wires should be
More than happy to make them and send you to complete installation

12. Extension Wires – 4 Feet

For some longer bikes, like Harley Davidson Road King, Freewheeler & Bagger, and Honda Gold Wing etc, it’d be good to have some longer extension wires.
Typical examples are for LED strips under saddlebags and for trailers.
Scan this QR code for a package of 4 x 4 feet extension pigtail wires.
13. Brake Light

If you prefer to use this feature, all LED strips will go red when you squeeze the brake. In this way, you will be more visible in a longer distance at night.
Pick a point on the wire leading to your rear brake light after the switch, NOT before
Two videos on YouTube may help you find where is the wire leading to your brake light (they are examples, and bikes have different designs, so please find the right information for your bike)
Harley Brake Switch Diagnosis
Harley Davidson Maintenance Tips – How to Test a Rear Brake Switch
Consider using a stripping free connector, and it can make your connection easier
Better to use electrical glue/tapes to seal the connection to protect the cutting point
Don’t connect the blue wire to your battery; otherwise, LED strips will stay on in RED

There is another way to use the brake light feature, which means LED strips remain off during your ride, and they only go red when you brake.
To do this, turn off the LED kit by either remote
Don’t turn it off by the kill switch (attached to the control box), keep it on till you stop riding
Built-In Blinking Effects

This LED strip kit comes with 2 additional flashing effects for the brake light feature.
By default, all the LED strips come solid red when you squeeze the brake if you have connected the blue wire to the wire, which leads to your rear brake light.
Now it has 2 optional flashing/blinking styles built in the circuit. You can decide whether to use them and which one to use.
The 1st one is to make LED strips flash as an additional brake signal, and you can adjust flashing speeds using the 2 brightness buttons
The 2nd one is that LED strips flash in a combination of flashing and solid red:

flash 3 times in 1 second
stay solid red for 2 seconds

Check them in this way:
a. Squeeze the brake and keep all LED strips working in the brake light mode
b. Meanwhile, use the 24-key remote and press the button for music mode (the 3rd button from left to right of the 1st row)
c. Press this button one time for one lighting style
d. Release the brake once you decide which lighting style to use
The circuit board will remember your choice automatically (but don’t turn the LED strip kit off by the kill switch until 15 seconds later – the circuit board needs time to save your setup into the chip).
If you are not sure, squeeze the brake again, and you will see which style you have chosen, and you can choose another style too.
Feel free to contact CRICKET if you need help for the correct configuration.
Especially, if the description is difficult to understand, feel free to contact CRICKET for a brief video for demonstration.
14. RF Remotes

Both remotes in this package are RF technology.
It means you don’t have to point them at the control box directly to make them work.
Just press a key on either remote.
You can hide the control box for a clean look and waterproof purposes.

24-Key Remote for LED Strip Kit M12r

A useful tip for increasing batteries’ service hours:

Press remotes’ buttons quickly for adjustment
Do NOT press and hold any button
Short presses use battery dramatically less than long presses

4-Key Remote for CRICKET LED Strip KIt M12r
Key A:

This keychain fob has 18 solid colors, which are available by the 1st – 18th presses on key A:

Red, Dark Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow, Ice Blue, Orange, Purple, Light Green, White, Cyan, Light Purple, Blue, Ice White, Warm White, White, Ice Green and Yellow Green

You can put the lights into flashing and fading modes by pressing key A for the 19th and 20th time.
Key B:

The key B is mostly for changing lighting effects.
It means after you select a color by key A, then you can use key B to make the light flash or fade.
Below are 2 tips that can be useful for this keychain fob:

To change the brightness for a color, press and hold key A for 3 seconds
After pressing key A to put lights in flashing/fading mode

15. Sync & Resync Remotes

In case you replace either remote, you will need to resync it to your control box before you can control the LED kit again.
Sometimes, if you find the remotes are not working, probably it can be an issue due to losing the frequency.
It can be helpful to resync them to the control box.

Procedures to resync the 24-key remote:
a. Switch on / give electricity to the LED light strips (use the kill switch, not either remote)
b. You will notice, the LED strips flash, and then they goes off automatically
c. Next, they come on again by themselves, and this this is the time for synchronizing
d. First, press button Brightness Up, and then button Brightness Down one by one within 3 seconds
e. Notice that LED strips flash for 2 times if correctly resynced

Take the same procedures to resync the 4-key remote
Just replace the 2 brightness keys by the A & B keys

If you miss the 3 seconds for resyncing, don’t press the buttons repeatedly.
But power the system off and try again from the beginning

If you have an old RF remote from another brand, you may not be able to sync it to our control box
It’s the same logic for ours, and very likely don’t work with a control box from another brand
To make RF remotes work, you will need the right programs and circuits inside control boxes.
Otherwise, they won’t sync to each other.

The LED strip kit comes with a pre-installed PCB fuse.
This new design of CRICKET offers an additional protective factor – heat, besides the current.

The purpose is to prevent a rare condition when the LED strip kit has a minor short circuit (like by a single copper thread).
The fuse can still detect it and react by measuring the accumulated heat.

The regular fuse in the package is a spare part.
Use it when your LED strip kit may not work and you believe it has a short circuit.


Thank you for your purchase! To ensure a smooth installation, we have outlined all the key points to
help you install the Motorbike LED strips on your bike.

1 · When you received your new light kit, you will find the a red power wire and the black ground wire
on the controller box, wire to a 12V source, power on the kit to ensure full test all the strips before
installing, if everything appears to be working correctly, power down the kit and prepare for installation.

2. Laying out the the LED strip to the place you want to install it, make sure that the wires will be able
to be routed in such a way they will not be pinched or exposed to heat. Also, keep the wires and strips away
from all moving parts that may come in contact with either parts of the kit. The controller
box is non-waterproof, so please must be mounted in a dry, accessible location.

3. Once this is ready, wipe away any dust from the surface where you want to install the strips, also, the
mounting surface should be between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit to make the perfect bonding result from
the double side adhesive. Please not that the mounting area must be free of all oils, moisture, dirt and
wax in order for the supplied adhesive tape to bond and adhere to the installation surface correctly.

4. Loose & route the wires to the place where planned to mount the controller, using the supplied zip
ties to secure the wire to their mounting points.

5. Double checked the mounting place is clean and dry, carefully peel back thr edge of the adhesive
baking on the connector end, place the LED strips on the clean and dry mounting place, use the supplied
zip ties at each end of the strips to act as a secondary anchor and mounting point for each. The zip ties
are a very important step and should not be skipped. They will help ensure that the lighting strips stay
adhered and in place during vehicle use and through seasonal temperature changes.

6. Route the red power wire from the controller to a positive ( +) 12V source and the black ground wire to
a good known ground (-) or negative side of same battery. Connect and secure the power supply lines only after
everything is installed and mounted. If you do not follow this step it is easy to b1ow the in line fuse on the
red wire, if this occurs replace with a yellow 20Amp-mini fuse.

7. The kit was designed using a modular locking plug system for connecting the LED strip to the controller
and vice versa. The wires are not to be cut, in an attempt to shorten or lengthen them. If the
wires or connectors of the kit are found to be cut or modified in any way, the warranty is void. Any
alteration of the controller box, strips or wires may impact kit functionality and voids any warranties
expressed or implied.

8. Controller function.
A-key : hit A key 1-17 times: red, blue, pink, green, yellow, blackish green, orange, peach, aqua,
warm white, weak yellow, tea, purple, sky blue, white. RGB jumping , RGB fading, repeat action.
Keep pressing 5 second, there are 5 grade dimmer for current color except the jumping and fading
B- key : Hit B key, the current color become flashing from static; when you select
fading pattern, Hold on B-key 5 second, jumping or fading will be speed up

C- key : Hit C key, the current color become fading from static when select jumping and fading
pattern, Hold on B-key 5 second, jumping or fading will be speed down.
D- key : turn off all the loading, Hold on D key 5 second, the pattern recover back to the first pattern.

Red wire : DC12V+
Black wire : DCI2-
Black : Loading+
Red wire : Red -
Green wire: Green -
Blue wire : Blue