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Cricket Donations

Thank you for your interest in Cricket Mini Golf Carts. The purpose of our donation program is to assist organizations in raising necessary funds for their respective causes. Should your request be approved, you will receive all donation items within two weeks of your event date. Donations may not be sold for a profit or for personal gain. To best process your request and support as many organizations as possible within the U.S., please comply with the following guidelines:


  • Due to limited resources, we are only able to support non-profit organizations operating inside the U.S.
  • Your request for a donation must be submitted via the online donation form and received by Cricket Mini Golf Carts at least three (3) months prior to your event.
  • The online donation form must be filled out completely in order for your request to be considered.
  • Your organization must not have already received a donation from Cricket Mini Golf Carts during the current calendar year of your event. An organization is eligible to receive only one donation per calendar year.
  • Cricket Mini Golf Carts directly support the local chapter of all national charities and are unable to donate to third party fundraisers (i.e. Relay for Life Teams, United Way Campaigns, Breast Cancer 3-Days, etc.).
  • Organizations that receive donations must revisit their account to report the amount raised for the item donated in order to be considered for future requests.
  • If letter/email indicates that you have been approved to receive a donation but you have not received an item within 2 weeks of your event date, please email the Community Engagement department at (Please refrain from sending direct email request as they will not be approved.)
  • Please refrain from sending personal gifts, as members of the front office are unable to act on behalf of requestor(s) seeking any charitable donations.

    • If you are looking for a donated Cricket or raffle prize please fill out our Donation request.

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      You will be notified by email or letter if your donation request has been approved.