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Cricket Carts Custom Build

Custom Build your Cricket Mini Golf Cart Direct!

There is only one custom builder in the U.S. that connects you to your custom cricket cart!Don't let others fool you. We are based in Daytona Beach, FL. Our showroom is over 4500 sq ft. We take our business serious and the only carts we sell, design, service & warranty are Crickets! Come see us and meet our Cricket Specialist direct.

Our cricket cart shop members have years of direct hands on engineering, design and custom fabrication experience. We specialize in building just the right cart for all our clients needs.

We hold 4 patented designs:

for the customization of the Cricket Mini Golf Carts.

  • We are the creators of the first patented 4 bolt CNC aluminum hub built for the Grasshopper and Locust.
  • We are the creators of the first patented lift kit for the Grasshopper based off the Cricket RX5 platform.
  • We are currently working on of the first patented lift kit and dual steering ram for the Cricket SX3.
  • First patented inflatable drive-able tire on our Beach Buggeez based off the Cricket ESV platform.

Our Cricket Custom Builds:

  • Grasshopper
  • Locust
  • Beach Buggeez