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Cricket Models

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  • Cricket ESV


    There are just times when getting around quickly and conveniently become a priority when it’s too far to walk and an automobile is not a viable option. If you’re looking to buy a golf cart that is lightweight, compact and just as easy to get around as it is to get around in, come and give this electric ESV golf style cart a test ride.

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  • Cricket RX5


    More Comfort, Better Traction , Sport Suspension on all 4 corners. The Cricket RX-5 weighs in at 330lbs and is a very portable and compact design. When you need the extra traction and stability the RX-5 golf cart will get you where you want to go.

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  • Cricket SX3


    For a little more speed, power, and passenger room, the Cricket SX-3 is a step up from the ESV and provides all of that. Based on the design of the original Cricket, the SX-3 is a little closer to a standard golf cart for those with more need.

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